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White glory beneath jeansshorts

You like the sight of me, wearing tight and short jeans hotpants, don't you? I know about something that will even beat that feeling! Slowly I pluck the object of your very own desire out of my hotpants. A streak of my sexy white thong nuzzles on my hips above the waistband now... you're already drooling, begging me to show you more of my gloryful thong. While my ass comes closer bit by bit, I pluck the other side of my thong out of the jeanspants until the complete luxuriousness reveals in front of you! Except from my perfect whaletail, I only wear a bra without shirt.


Sue S.
Sue exactly knows how to finish you!
Sara Surprisink
A semi transparent dream
Black Jeans - Black Thong
Angelina M
Leggings and a whale tail ass