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Last update: 2019-01-03
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Rating: 4.00

The hottest whaletail ass ever!

Come on, get closer to Goddess Liana. She know what you've been dreaming of. Under her jeans she's wearing a black g-string. She teases it out from her pants. That's what you've been wanting to see and she knows it! You gaze at her thong as Goddess Liana plays around with it. She stretches it and lets it snap back onto her skin with a sexy crack. So arousing! Goddess Liana is such a dream and you are totally fixated upon her and her ass, making you endlessly horny!

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Sue S.

Rating: 10.00

Hot yellow g-string

Lady Sue is today going to show you the sexy panties she's wearing under her sporty hotpants! It's a bright yellow thong that immediately catches your eye. The style and colour is perfect for Lady Sue's ass! You adore the look of it and how shew plays with tibbons on the sides. It's really turning you on! Enjoy it!

The most favorite SlippedThongs.com Update


Rating: 10.00

Lady Levana's Sexy Whale-Tail Ass

What's Lady Levana pulling out of her pants?! OH YES! Exactly what you want to see. She pulls her sexy lace g-string out of her leggings and shows it to you. With her back to you she straddles a chair, giving you the best view of her hot whale-tail ass. You can't get enough of it! So take your time and enjoy it!

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