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Last update: 2022-12-03
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The perfect ass conditioning!

Princess Serena makes you her new slave doggy. She trains and directs you. To do this, she puts a collar on you and teaches you to always run after her sexy ass. Through this training Princess Serena conditions you to her ass! She pushes it out towards you so that your face is very close to its. Then she carefully plucks her thong out of the top of her pants, because that's what will make you indescribably horny.

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Rating: 10.00

Ass addict - Made horny and brain fucked

Bratty Jenny-Nina can use you as she wants, because with this sexy view of her ass your brain completely stops! You are her rendered her puppet and she just loves to play with you! She turns her ass towards you and starts to slowly pull out her thong from the top of her pants. You won't see anything better in your life, so pay attention to what she shows you. Her leather pants cling tightly to her plump, round ass, her block thong peeking out. The sight fucks your brain like nothing else! Go for it and worship that perfect whale-tail ass, you little ass puppet!

The most favorite SlippedThongs.com Update

Cindy C & Jane

Rating: 10.00

Whale Tail Ass Reward

Because you did well, Princess Cindy and Mistress Jane decide to reward you for your obedience and good performance as a slave. They know how much you like sexy asses and even show you what they are wearing underneath. They are wearing really hot thongs! Their asses pushed out towards you, the thongs of the two mistresses look out above. You find that very sexy! A hot reward you have certainly not expected.

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