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Rating: 9.20

Black thong and sexy jeans hot pants

Below the bright blue-jeans hot-pants Denise is wearing a black thong. She knows that you really love to glance at it and so she shows you her ass from lots of different angles and raises her thong a little bit out of her hot pants just for you!


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2016-05-01 Love this amazing beauty.. Denise looks amazing in whatever she puts on these short short light jean shorts fit her amazing ass & pussy perfectly I love Denise!!!!! Awesome!!! johnnyb656
2016-03-27 love her tight jeans and beautiful straight blonde hair. Very Good waffel
Whaletail sexy and casual!
The thong secret disclosed
Cindy C
Whale Tail Brain Fuck While Imprisoned in Chastity
Sexy thong of lace in pink!