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Thong girl Julia

Rating: 7.63

The perfect ass

Julia has it, the perfect ass. You simply have to take a look at it! It's a real whale tail ass; have you ever seen something as nice as this? When Julia is sitting down on a bar stool you would love to change places with the stool so that she is sitting down on your face, right? She is wiggling her voluptuous ass lasciviously and her black G-string immediately disappears in her cunt and between her ass cheeks. Wicked, isn't it?


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-11-27 Julia is pretty. Love how she sits on the stool very much. Too much butt cheek for my taste. Fair waffel
Denise sticks out her ass into your direction
Watch my white thong
Thong girl Erina
Chubby ass, tight jeans and airy thong!