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Mistress Roxana pays little attention to you

You won't get any attention here! Mistress Roxana is writing to another slave for whom she takes some hot pictures of her sexy whale-tail ass. But not for you! You just have to watch her how she makes another slave happy with her hot pictures. You on the other hand kneel on the floor and look at her hot ass and wish for nothing more than to get some attention from your mistress. However only the other slave gets her attention because he is much more generous than you. You can only stare and admire her ass. So just do what you do best...


Princess Serena - Obsessed with her sexy ass!
Mistress Anfisa - You love her ass!
Hanna & Jane
Queen Hanna and Mistress Jane - lederhosen and string teasing
Roxana & Nora
Lady Nora and Mistress Roxana - The sight of two whale-tail asses