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Jeans girl Mercedes

Rating: 9.08

Mercedes is showing off her jeans ass and her whale tail

Watch exactly how Mercedes is beginning to make you horny. She is wearing her tight blue jeans, and, under them, her black G-string. She is pressing her ass in your direction. The jeans is slipping down, letting you see even more of the string. That's the way a whale tail looks - extremely hot!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-11-27 I love Mercedes fashion. Love the halter top showing off her cute tummy, Love her hair style and sexy looks at the camera and I really love the look of these jeans. Excellent Awesome!!! waffel
Hanna & Jane
Which whale-tail ass is sharper?!
Hanna & Jane
These two asses make your addiction grow
Jeans ass worship and thong worship!
Hanna & Jane
Two sexy black thongs!