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Rating: 8.09

Emely's whale tail ass

You are crazy about Emely's whale tail ass? She will make you horny with her ass. Look how she is posing, extending it in your direction. Her black G-string is popping out of her trousers, which are gliding down when she is sitting down. That way you can see her whale tail ass immediately. Then she is pulling up her trousers again, sitting down a 2nd time especially for you, quite slowly. What a hot sight, watching her trousers slip down and her G-string being pressed up and out!


Date Comment Rating Username
2013-12-28 I love Emely a lot! amazing to think she looks this good in jeans all the time! Awesome!!! Markjeans
2013-11-27 Nice Video of Emely. Love the straddle and sitting positions on the bench very much. Love the look of these jeans. nice and tight. Very Good waffel
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