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Rating: 8.33

Chubby ass, tight jeans and airy thong!

I know exactly why you're here. You wanna see my tasty ass and how I pull the thong out of my jeans. I'm wearing a quite thin and white g-string beneath that tight jeans hot pants, and I want you to watch it intensely now. Come closer and let's start!


Date Comment Rating Username
2016-12-14 wow! these jeans shorts are sexy tight. Awesome!!! waffel
2016-12-14 Yasmin is pure perfection love her performance & her amazingly beautiful looks from head to toe .. PURE PERFECTION!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! johnnyb656
Asia whale tail
Elaina & Janine
2 sexy whale tail girls
Ass with addictive qualities
She wraps you around her little finger!