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Rating: 10.00

Chubby ass, tight jeans and airy thong!

I know exactly why you're here. You wanna see my tasty ass and how I pull the thong out of my jeans. I'm wearing a quite thin and white g-string beneath that tight jeans hot pants, and I want you to watch it intensely now. Come closer and let's start!


Date Comment Rating Username
2016-12-14 wow! these jeans shorts are sexy tight. Awesome!!! waffel
2016-12-14 Yasmin is pure perfection love her performance & her amazingly beautiful looks from head to toe .. PURE PERFECTION!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! johnnyb656
Amber snakes at her thong
Jenny shows you her string!
Anfisa's gonna show you something!
Jenny's sexy thong jeans ass