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Last update: 2017-09-23
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Short pants - short thong!

I swear to you that you've definitely never seen something that's hotter than my hot butt in those unashamedly short hot pants! Sooo much insights into the world of upper-class girls... Designers were mean with the cloth and you're obviously thankful for that after you've seen my jeansass. But that's not all, at all... you're a lucky skunk that's about to get even more to be obsessed with - I pluck an even smallish piece of fabric from underneath my hot pants! It blows your mind into the next dimension, my addictive little boy...

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Ass with addictive qualities

Oh what's that you've seen beneath my black jeans right now?! Yeah, boy - you've just seen my sweet, rose thong with a lace wristband which sticks between my gorgeous ass cheeks! I hunker down until my jeans reveal some more precious inches of what you like to see... you can't get enough of it, and I bet you'll watch that clip several times today!

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Jeans and string

You get very horny while marvel at my hot ass! You don´t have to anticipate that you get to see my seyx ass in this tight jeans. But take a closer look , because I pull out my black string. That is what you want to see! It is absolutely hot to see my ass if the string comes out of my jeans. You can never look away from that!

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