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Last update: 2015-08-29
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Rating: 8.00

Amber wears a lace string!

Hot Amber sits down on a barstool and lets her thong loll out of her jeans. She pulled it wide out of her jeans and then she pulls her shirt a bit higher, so you have a well perspective! She also stands up to reach her ass out to you! Sexy ass! Sexy look!

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Rating: 10.00

Jenny's hot ass in thong!

Jenny already awaits you with her very sexy outfit. Today you have the big luck to watch a very sexy thong show! Therefore she shows you her sexy ass - and stretches her awesome butt right into your face! I'm sure you can easily see the thong between her cheeks, can't you...!? Sooo fucking damned hot!!

The most favorite SlippedThongs.com Update

Sue S.

Rating: 10.00

Sue exactly knows how to finish you!

Sue sits at the arm chair and shows you her very tiny thong. She exactly knows that you like thongs and this one is especially hot! You are going to become insane! She starts to crawl at the carpet in front of you and her seductive glances prevent you from breathing anymore! Then she lies down at the carpet and extremely sexy lolls right in front of you. This clip will eliminate every clear thought out of your mind!

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